Who I Am

Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Expert

Erik Kvam is the founder and managing director of Hawaii Energy Law Services (HELS) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Erik has 30 years of legal experience in legislation and regulatory rulemaking, corporate and partnership transactions, taxation, intellectual property and dispute resolution, including 9 years of Hawaii-based experience in relation to renewable energy.

Erik Kvam

Erik is a founder and director of Renewable Energy Action Coalition of Hawaii (REACH). REACH is a 501(c)(6) trade association advancing a vision of 100% renewable energy for Hawaii.

Erik brings passion, analytical skill and commitment to any undertaking. He applies his unique expertise — in law, politics & economics, business & finance, engineering & technology, and psychology & language – on behalf of, or within, corporations, law firms, renewable energy companies, advocacy organizations, or others who seek outstanding service, effective communications and creative problem-solving. Erik also writes in-depth white papers, seeks speaking engagements and offers presentations on renewable energy topics, including renewable energy law and policy. Above all, Erik prides himself on being a tenacious advocate and trusted advisor to his clients.

Erik is admitted to practice law in the states of Hawaii, California and New York and federal district courts in those states. He is a registered patent attorney with the US Patent & Trademark Office and is admitted to practice before the US Tax Court and the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Erik holds an MS degree in engineering from Columbia University (2001), a masters degree in tax law from New York University (1990), a JD degree from Georgetown University (1983), and a business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1980).


In addition to renewable energy, Erik is a dedicated father to his three teen-age children, all of whom were adopted from Russia by Erik and his late wife, Michele.