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Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Expert

Serving You

Perhaps you are a trade association, a county government, a renewable project developer, or a new energy technology developer that seeks to:

  • Stay abreast of the potential effects of constantly changing energy laws or PUC policies in the state of Hawaii;
  • Comment on or challenge a proposed utility rule or plan, participate in rule-making, intervene in a PUC proceeding or obtain representation in a PUC hearing;
  • Secure passage of state legislation.

HELS can help through individualized monitoring of energy developments in Hawaii’s legislature and before Hawaii’s PUC. HELS has experience in hearings and proceedings before Hawaii’s PUC and Hawaii’s legislature. HELS has assisted clients in achieving their desired results through favorable legislation and favorable PUC decisions or settlements.

Wind Energy

Perhaps you are a developer of a conventional renewable energy project or a new energy technology that seeks:

  • To secure a competitive, early mover advantage in Hawaii’s energy market;
  • Assistance in negotiating a power purchase agreement with an electric utility, or in executing a joint development agreement or strategic alliance with a state agency, a county government, or a utility for development of an energy project or a new energy technology;
  • A license, permit or other federal, state or county authorizations to site a project;
  • Funding from public sources for a new technology.

HELS has cultivated a strong working relationship with the utilities and state agencies involved in the energy project planning, siting, financing, development and construction process. HELS can assist in companies in preparation of business plans and submissions for funding.

For other ways that HELS can assist renewable project developers, and state and municipal governments and agencies with an interest in renewable energy development, visit

Perhaps you are a landowner, a state agency, a county government, a conservation group, or a business with property interests that:

  • Is the subject of a condemnation action in state or federal court;
  • Is adjacent to a proposed hydroelectric or marine renewables project;
  • Has been damaged by, or may be impacted by, a proposed gas pipeline, transmission line, liquified natural gas (LNG) facility or other utility sponsored development.

Sometimes a locality may be affected by a proposed new project or have an interest in obtaining low cost power from a new project. HELS can assist in negotiating favorable outcomes and ensuring that their interests are protected in the project siting, permitting and licensing process.

Other reasons to consider using HELS:

If you are a large firm on a tight budget, an in-house counsel at an energy company or a law firm without any energy regulatory or legislative expertise, consider using HELS to handle routine PUC filings or to refer smaller regulatory, appellate or energy litigation matters which are unprofitable for your firm to handle or where your firm is conflicted out. Or, consider using HELS to handle overflow projects on a per diem basis, or to serve as local counsel on a matter within HELS’ area of expertise.

If you are an investor or a mainland or overseas renewables company interested in doing business in Hawaii, consider HELS for market analysis, white papers, strategic planning and assistance with creating a corporate presence in Hawaii to take advantage of state and federal incentives and funding opportunities.

If you are an individual or business, consider HELS for defense in regulatory enforcement actions or civil cases involving energy or environmental related disputes in the jurisdictions where HELS is admitted to practice (Hawaii, California, New York).